Innovative ideas of wall decoration

  In last passage, we have shared some comparably normal ways of wall decoration, which could meet the basic needs of most families. However, here in this article, we will offer some decoration ideas of more innovativeness and aesthetic value. And accordingly, some of them require certain skills and talents.

Fashion with a Mural

Get a removable mural

  Murals can incorporate specific themes, personal motifs or favored landscapes in any style. You could easily get extensive collections of well-designed removable wall arts from local stores. Purchasing murals together with similar picture frames online is also a cost-effective and convenient way. There are always adhesive murals coming with a luxurious matte finish and can fit in with various styles waiting for you. They are perfect for people who live in rented houses but never stop pursuing beauty, since tenants are not allowed to make changes to the walls without the permissions of the renters.

Paint a mural


  If you don’t have such worries and are able to style the wall freely, why not try hand-drawing murals? Don’t worry even if you don’t have any artistic talents or skills, as these are not needed. All you need is just a projector and tools. Starting with projecting the image onto the wall, you could then start creation with the help of the projection, choosing the colors you like to finish the paint freely and easily. It’s pretty difficult to mess it up since it’s all about tracing, only taking a little time from you.

  If you have a limited budget, and the idea of painting a mural all by yourself still scares you away, there’s another option: Step into any building materials store to get some off-the-shelf wallpaper for an alternative, which can also be custom-made and fit well with the overall style of your home.

Use Stickers 

  At this point, sticker also plays an important role in wall decoration. Instead of conventional wallpaper, wall decal is also a great choice to feature your wall. Options range from colorful designs, perfect for adding character to a child’s bedroom, to sophisticated silhouettes, elegant monochromes, witty graphics and so on.

  What’s more, pay attention to the quality of the stickers and make sure the one you choose won’t fall out easily and won’t cause damage to the wall while being torn down.

Display with your Kitchenware

Blog-kitchenware display

  Are you a keen cook who owns gleaming copper pots and pans currently hidden away in a dark cabinet? Do you have some best china that is too precious to eat off so that you carefully store them in a cupboard? If the empty wall is in or next to the kitchen, now it’s the time to take them out and let them shine as pieces of art! They could always outfit the walls with sturdy, strategic hanging racks and rails or shelves to parade the cookware.

  In most cases, it looks best if the plates are round and fairly shallow. Therefore, select a few varying sizes and patterns and measure up the placement of each piece on the wall before you go in with a hammer and nails, making sure you get the position right. You could also attach the plates to hanging ropes – you can get ones especially designed for plates that will hold them firmly without damage – and hook onto the walls. 

Go Bohemian

Blog-hanging rug

  Crazy about woven things like rugs or tapestries ? Found a rug which is too ornate to be stepped on or hidden under the sofa or table?  One way can resolve them once and for all: Go Bohemian and hang them up! Woven, knotted, and knotted rugs have glorious textures, intricate patterns, and peppy colors which make them the ideal wall decor. Plus, nobody says that a floor ornament shall not appear on the wall. Instead, hanging them on the wall may impress your visitors as they feature your home with intense Bohemian style.

  Similarly, antique tapestries tell old stories, patchwork quilts and sophisticated silk-blankets also enjoy popularity, all of them could add a vintage texture to your boring wall and turn it into a vibrant space.

Slow down time

Blog-Clock wall

  For people who value their time, a large calendar works perfectly well on a wall in an office or parlor. Keeping track of every event while also adding an outstanding ornament to vivify the room, a calendar totally owns its place while making your life of high efficiency and beauty. If you are an advocate of minimalism, try calendars with simplest design and bright pop colors to create a modern look.

  On the other hand, vintage clocks are such practical items that we often forget to pay attention to their timeless grace. Like how they appreciate vintage picture frames, no vintage lovers can decline the lure of a wall of vintage clocks arranged thoughtfully. You can always make a great combination of clock and wooden picture frames to create the best gallery wall. Just keep an eye on the prized grandfather clock at the flea markets or some antique charms in the garage sales, and pick some wooden picture frames passingly! Make sure to get as many antique clock styles as possible, like minimalist analog and Roman numbers, maritime, cuckoo, pendulum, etc. And what’s even better, you will never run out of time again!

Education Corner

  When decorating a new house, families with children may have thought of reserving a corner or even a room especially for the education of their kids in the future. If you are one of them, you would be interested in getting some ideas from here.

Take a World View with Geographical Map

Blog-Map Wall

  Adding some visual interest to a study or child’s room with an oversized map could be really educational. A geographical map can help with both learning geography and cultivating hobbies like hiking and exploring. This special wall with a huge map will have particular appeal for kids who are likely to be budding explorers, as they can place mementos on the map to show where they’ve been, or mark the places where they would like to go in the future. 

  Not only for kids, but also for adults, a map can add interest and evoke happy memories of your favorite trips and destinations, whether it’s vintage, wall sized or illustrative. You can order a personalized map of a city, state, country, or the world in just about any color palette. You can make it especially personal by adding pins to the places you've visited or plan to visit, documenting your travels with this personalized map.

Set a giant whiteboard or chalkboard


  A huge board is also a perfect functional and even educational addition to places like offices, children’s rooms and playrooms. Discussing, teaching, drawing and writing, you can do whatever you want on it and enjoy every moment during creation.

  As for the choice of material, a chalkboard always comes with wooden frames and lends a rustic and vintage vibe to a room, while a whiteboard commonly comes with metal frames and suits well with modern styles. You can also turn the entire wall into a board wall, using special materials that could provide a writable surface.

Build a Bar

Blog-set a bar on the wall

  Another ingenious way to make your wall both decorative and practical is to build a home bar. A built-in bar on the wall could definitely rescue you from hard work and daily trivia. Nothing could be better to lighten your mood than a glass of wine or a special cocktail, accompanied with some jazz and soft lighting.

  Of course, it doesn’t have to be only for alcohol if it’s not your thing. It could be a soft-drink bar, a healthy juicy bar or even a baby’s milk bar. What you want to convert it into will all depend on you. With marble or quartz countertop, modern wall sconces and well-designed cabinets, you could create your private little world, small but full-equipped, fashionable and eye-catching.



  Last but not least, no matter what way you choose for wall decoration, never forget to consider the overall style of your interior. Simple graphics and single colors match better with minimalist and modern style, while wood materials and hand-made crafts fit well with vintage style. Besides, never hesitate to mix up different types of decorative elements, as sometimes it will bring unexpected effects. Hope this passage could be helpful while you are adorning the wall. And next time when someone turns to you for help, please do not say “Creating a Gallery wall” after a long pause.

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