What's the material of picture frames?

Most of the picture frames are made of solid wood, please check the description on the product page.

What are the differences between the types of wood used in each frame?

We use a range of different woods. The most popular wood types are Paulownia, Cunninghamia lanceolata, and Pinus radiata. They are all-natural wood products.

Can I trust BeneFrame?

Sure! Our products passed the "Total Lead Content in Surface Coating", "Total Lead (Pb) Content" tests from BUREAU VERITAS, and entry-exit inspection and quarantine from customs.

Are they new picture frames?

Yes, all the picture frames are new. The scratches, scuffs, flaking paint on your frame are the antique styles handmade by our craftsmen. Each frame is unique, and this is part of the “charm” of our handmade frames.

Will my frame be the same color as the one I see on your website?

Because monitor colors vary, colors are always approximate, and photos may be affected by shooting light, yours might look a little different than what you saw when you were looking at the image on our website. But we try to present to you the true colors.

Will my frame be the same carving as the one I see on your website?

Yes, yours will be the same carving as the one

Why I don't see the same artwork in my frame?

That picture is just an insert for advertisement. There is no picture with the frame other than the one you choose to put in it.

What’s the material of backing?

A thickening rigid cardboard or MDF backing.

Can I mount the picture frames on the wall?

Yes, It has a small hanger in the center, one on top and one on the side so the frame may be hung vertical or horizontal. There are hangers already installed on the back of the frame, you can place them on the wall freely.

Do the frames have a stand for the tabletop?

Yes, all the frames can be placed on tabletop and or wall mounting.

Do you have bigger picture frames?

Yes, please subscribe to our official website, and follow our social media platforms, we will notify you when the bigger picture frames arrive.

How to better protect my picture frame?

Avoid collision or squeezing; wipe it with a soft dry cloth when cleaning, avoid scrubbing with a wet cloth, and do not place it in a damp place to avoid moisture.

What should I do if the picture frame I want is sold out?

Please subscribe to our official website and we will notify you when restocking.

And follow our social media platforms and leave a message to tell us which ones you are waiting for.

Where do you produce the frames?

All Beneframe products are designed by Italian designers, and manufactured in China.

What is your refund policy?

Kindly please check the refund policy for details. 

Where do you ship to?

BeneFrame can ship to most countries around the world, please check shipping policy for the shipping details.

How much does shipping cost?

The freight will be calculated and shown on the checkout page, according to the weight of the package. Please check shipping policy for the shipping details.

What about tax?

BeneFrame does NOT charge consumption tax and value-added tax.

Where can I get updates about new Beneframe product releases?

Please subscribe to our official website and our social media platforms. And you are welcomed to share your story with Beneframe!


If your question wasn't answered please feel free to contact us at support@beneframe.com or social media platforms, and we will do our best to answer any questions.