Some creative ideas for wall decoration

  When you put together all the furniture and finally get to the last step before moving into your new beloved house, you may find yourself confronted with the hard decision of how to deal with a big blank wall, one of the largest parts of a house which also needs to be decorated. Actually, a large blank wall is full of possibilities, and with meticulous design, it helps in both brightening your home and showing your characteristics and taste. Just remember the key: Let your wall do all the talking. Here we have got you some tricks that may be helpful.

Dress your wall with decorative artworks

  Hanging up delicate artworks would be the prior and common choice that most people would make. Since it’s the easiest and mostly affordable way, let alone that you could change the arts freely and frequently. Here are a few options:

Select just one eye-catching artwork

  You could always trust the most common way while styling, that is, to simply frame pictures, paintings and posters. What’s more, in order to make them eye-catching, it is better that you choose or make them over-sized. As an over-sized painting will always draw visitor’s attention and set the tone for your room – even in a relatively small space. 

  Paneling is also a useful way of adding characters to your place, especially in a featureless room. For example, using a paneling made of wood could instantly add something cozy to the room.

canvas painting

  You could also create art on an over-sized canvas by your own, start by choosing some inspiring images that you like, either from paintings you have seen on the streets or from images on the Internet. Except that, you will have to prepare a large size canvas board in advance. With these easiest things being prepared, you can begin to imitate it as best as you can on that large canvas. Wait for it to dry as it wouldn’t take more than few hours, then you will have your unique artwork to hang.

Gallery wall

Gallery Wall

  Building a gallery wall never goes wrong in decorating walls, let alone that it’s pretty helpful in making full use of your numerous picture frames at the same time. No matter if they are wooden picture frames in vintage styles or metal ones in modern styles, there must be a style that matches well with the tone of your place. 

  As for the arrangement, you could hang them randomly to create a casual and fashionable vibe. However, some may also enjoy a symmetrical gallery wall, where pictures are trimly placed in specific order as it is a practical way to keep mess away. 

Embrace DIY stuffs

  DIY stuffs could be an excellent way to adorn a wall and express oneself’s artistic pursuit and talent at the same time. For people who enjoy assembly models, they could create stuffs like down-sized house models or assemble car models made of blocks, then put them in transparent boxes and fix them on the wall for display.

  Another handmade artworks worth being showcased is embroidery. A piece of exquisite embroidery which is framed by a thick wooden picture frame, could always add a cozy feeling to the entire room, sometimes even create a homelike environment.

Install a Bookshelf for an attractive point

  Wall decorating doesn’t have to be purely ornamental, instead, it can be functional too. As Cicero said, “Books can bring culture and intelligence to any room.” What could be better than furnishing a large blank wall with an elegant bookshelf?

  Traditional old-fashioned bookcases with their ornate frames and open shelves are ageless classics. However, installing them in the wall, opting for a shacked shelf with no back, but only a frame for an airy, could put your bookshelf on a diet.

book shelf


  People love bookshelves filled with books with enchanted stories that take us to other lands. One formal way of arranging books is the classic library approach, that is by genre – fiction, non-fiction, history, art and so on. What’s more, if you are looking for a more featured method, you could arrange them by the colors of their covers, leaving visitors a wonderful visual impact while taking the overall look. However, you could also choose a simple, minimalist shelving and display only your favorite books or some objects to maintain a modern look.

Set Floating Shelves to showcase your collections

collection shelf

  Besides books, shelves are great for displaying your collections. 

  If your wall is not large enough to install a cupboard, but you’ve got the idea of showcasing something, floating shelves are here for you.There is casual shelving, excellent for huddling together decorative ornaments from travel memorials to sentimental trinkets.

Toy collection

  Another specially-made shelf, often comes with an acrylic board as cover for simple protection, is designed to showcase your collections, from something like prototypes, anime peripheral and toys, to records and albums, and even the certificates you have earned. Therefore, this could be the best place to show your hobbies and personality.

Hanging rope shelf

  For the design of the shelf, you could experiment with the length, layout, removable racks, and over-sized shelf brackets to create variable visual interests. And if you mind drilling too many holes on the wall, a hanging rope shelf is also sturdy enough to place a few of your collections with only two hooks.

Reflect Light With Mirror

  If you have an empty wall in a dark corner waiting to be decorated, a mirror, with its reflective feature, taking advantage of light, would be a perfect solution as it could reflect more light and brighten up the whole room in an easy and environmental way. Besides, it’s well known that a mirror, when used correctly, could visually double the space of a limited room. Thus, before decorating, think carefully where to put mirrors, where to hang them and what will be reflected in them. 

Large mirror

  Besides the pros above, the mirror softens everything in the view. Through the hazy mystic reflections it makes, the mirror could add a magical mood to the whole room, sometimes even creating a vintage and cozy vibe, which would definitely impress your visitors profoundly.

  In a word, whether you choose freely standing large mirrors, several hanging mirrors or huge leaning mirrors, no matter you opt for minimal fringes or carefully designed frames, they could be an awesome decoration for your wall, as long as you prop them against the wall for the right amount of flair.

Go greener

Plant wall

  If you are a plant lover, do not hesitate to create a plant wall in your beloved home. This idea also works even if you are not that obsessed with greenery, as a well-edited arrangement of houseplants will not only help purify the air and lift the spirits, but also help adding color, style and an artistic flourish to your place. 

Dried Flowers

  On the other hand, If you worry about having too little time to take care of fresh plants, then dried flowers could save you from the dilemma. Naturally dried flowers like baby’s breath are widely used in home decor for they are as pretty and colorful as normal flowers but outlast than fresh ones. Some dried ones even are of great medical value and can produce reassuring aroma. Thus, despite adding natural charm to any scheme, adorning your room by applying various plants is also a great way to show off your imagination and creativity.

  All above are a few comparably common ideas of decorating walls, and there are still many creative and extraordinary ways to refresh a boring blank wall waiting to be discovered by all you fashion lovers. And we will also be there to help in the next passage.

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