Why is picture framing so expensive?

    A great framework not only preserves and protects its content, it is also a work of art in itself. Fine binding art enhances and elevates the binding object. A good picture frame is not just a means to an end. Hanging a picture is only a small part of what a picture frame can do. The frame gives the work its character, provenance, and helps to tell the story inside the art or object while silently serving and protecting its content. The birth of a good picture frame needs to go through many steps, material selection, design, production, inspection.

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Selected Material

    The frame is mainly used to position the four sides of the photo to enhance the beauty of the photo. It also helps to protect the quality of photos. It uses plexiglass in the middle, which can effectively prevent photos from becoming yellow and other problems.

Material of frame

    Photo frames are usually divided into wooden photo frames, metal photo frames and plastic photo frames. The selection of raw material of frame itself plays a decisive role in making a good frame and also increase the cost. Take wooden picture frames as example, wooden frames commonly used materials such as tung wood, white wood, nanmu, pine, these woods are very good raw materials for making picture frames.

    Wood is an ancient and natural green material. Pure solid wood will bring a natural atmosphere to your space, keeping your home away from the cold steel and modern materials. Most of the picture frames are wooden picture frames . We like to get close to nature and pursue the fragrance of trees. The wooden picture frames will give people a comfortable and peaceful feeling.

Material of the protective board

    The glass in the middle of the picture frame is also very particular! Plexiglass has gone a long way since it was first used. Now it tends to become an industry standard and is widely used in picture frames. There are many advantages of plexiglass, such as: Durable and anti-corrosion. It has wear resistance which is close to that of aluminum, good stability and corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals. This kind of glass has high hardness and toughness, so it is not easy to break. It's also healthy, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, with radiation levels almost the same as the body's own bones. Therefore, the use of high-quality glass as a protective board will also increase the cost of frame production.

Creative Design

    Finding the right frame can make a difference with your decor. Framed photos look more professional and sophisticated. Whether you're looking for a classic, rustic or modern look, a perfect picture frame can bring decor together in a room. With so many creative frameworks out there, there's always one for you.

    1. Retro metal

    Find a vintage photo frame at a thrift store and spray paint it in gold or silver. Choose a classic photo, such as a cityscape or portrait, and place it in your metal frame.

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     2. DIY colored cardboard frames

    Use cardboard and colored thread to make mini photo frames. Create frames in several colors to give the impression of a festival gallery.

  1. Popsicle stick frame

    Make stylish DIY frames with a row of popsicles glued together. Add color and style to the patterned washi tape. These frames are often used to decorate bedrooms, playrooms or bathrooms.This is a creative design popular with young people.


  1. Seashells frame

    Collect seashells you collect from beach trips and ocean vacations. Attach the shells to the rim and add a photo of you and your family admiring the shoreline. This is a popular creative design of photo frames after a trip to the beach.


  1. Two frameworks

    Layers of colored pigments give a frame a two-tone look. Choose white and coral frames, or muted colors like green and blue.

    Needless to say, these creative design frame often may add a fee.

Demanding Craft & Finish


    Frame production needs a set of complete and mature production process, so as to ensure the quality and yield of products. The following is a brief introduction to frame production technology.

    First, open material. Through the cutting machine to buy wood or aluminum board to carry out preliminary cutting molding, cutting, and then for further processing.

    Second, stamping. One or more stamping processes for aluminum products are carried out by stamping machines: Process in order to achieve the desired shape. For wood products, further work is needed after cutting. Management and grinding, so that the character of the product has been further improved.

    Third, paint. Use this technology on some frames to make it more characteristic, so that the effect of the product. The more separate the characteristics of some material itself, so as to achieve more bright color and more realistic effect.

    Fourth, assembly. On dynamic assembly lines, thousands of products are assembled and formed every day. Worker's skills in rapid assembly at the same time also ensure the quality of products.

    Fifth, packaging, quality inspection. The packing of our products should strictly accord with customer's requirement and international practice. The product should be packed well so that it can pass all the export procedures and inspection requirements. In the product molding, but also for each batch of products to carry out strict quality inspection, so that the products from the source really do high quality, for buyers to ensure the high quality of the product.

    After passing the production technology of this series of high quality, the price of picture frame rose naturally.

High Labour cost

    The production of picture frames is not entirely manual labor. The production of the framing industry is creative and individual, both labor-intensive and brain-intensive. The design of the frame clause is undoubtedly a mental work, but although their skin production can be used by machines, it is not a simple mechanical labor, and many processes still have to be operated manually, such as carving, platinum and silver, etc., which require the wisdom and skillful skills of laborers. Therefore, labor costs are also an important reason why framings are expensive.

Adjustments needed to fit general style

    We know that sometimes contrast will cause certain beauty, such as a modern frame with a classical painting, but it is not normal. If your home is decorated in Western baroque style, it is best to match classical paintings with decorative golden frames. For example, the gilded bronze table lamp sprinkled with warm light and the decorative pattern of the ceiling complement the classical style works with gold frame. If you want to buy a gold frame, then you can go to the dealer's website or visit a nearby jewelry store. Before buying gold frame, you should ask their price. Some dealers also offer free shipping to buyers.

    4x6 picture frames are one of the most popular gold frames and can be used by young and old alike.You can even try buying 4x6 picture frames online. Our website trades these products and also offers buyers a lot of benefits if you place an order. Shopping online is easy and comfortable. With just a few mouse clicks, you can easily order the frame you want and have the exquisite 4x6 picture frames delivered to your home.

    If you want to put your collected works on the wall before furniture decoration, you can try to set aside the lace on the wall as a formal photo frame. The advantage of this is that it can make the painting appear larger and integrate with the wall, just like a mural.

    You can also use some old beams and old picture frames to make them into age mottled field frames, which can be matched with some old historical photos, or with photos of yourself or your family, and hang them on the wall of the living room, with a strong sense of form and highly consistent with the content.

    The mounting of an abstract painting uses a double frame. The extension of the painting center can be seen on the lining paper inside, so that the painting center can stand forward visually. The outer frame is a simple white frame. Although the mounting is very simple, the lines of the work echo with the lines of the picture frame. 

    The selection and adjustment of the frame has a huge impact on the overall style of decoration, leading to the final adjustment stage is also a time-consuming and laborious work, the cost of the frame production has therefore increased.


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