Where to display frames in our home?

Frame your Walls


Decorate with a single frame

    Generally speaking, a delicate picture frame which has been hung well on a wall always creates an interesting focal point for a place, draws attention from new visitors that come to your home, and also improves the quality of life in aesthetic terms.

    And when you hang a single picture, try to consider the size of the picture in accordance with the wall it will be hung on. For example, if you have a large open wall , do avoid hanging a small picture directly in the center. Instead, go and find a medium or large sized picture to hang which is comparably large enough to draw attention in an open space.

    Another consideration is the exact position of the picture, and many people simply aim for the central part of a wall. There’s no doubt the simplest way of doing that, but also dull. However, if you want to make it extraordinary, try to hang your picture a little off the center. This can help to make a room look bigger as well as more stylish.

    At the same time, try to make sure that you place the picture at the average person’s eye level so that the focal point of the picture is right in the eye line. Whilst this is very easy to do in an art gallery with all its bare walls, it might not be as easy in the home if there is a fireplace or any unmovable objects. 

Position Multiple Picture Frames

    What’s more, if you are trying to place multiple picture frames, make sure the layout is balanced. Remember to use wall frames which have at least one common characteristic for example; vintage, single color theme, especially if the images you are framing are more of a mix.

Moreover, for each wall frame size and shape, pick another wall frame which is proportionate to it to balance out the display and create an amount of symmetry. And if you want to use a totally different style, remember to place a similar one nearby or on the opposite.

However, these are only some suggested rules, so just keep them in mind for reference but never mind if some of them don’t work.

Remember the Staircase


    One of the smartest tricks of decorating frame walls in home interiors is to make use of space. Staircase is precisely a creative but also classic way of fulfilling that trick. Certificates and diplomas of the family members eventually find their way home. Meanwhile, the steps of new visitors would definitely be slowed down by these accomplishments and visible experience. In that case, you would make full use of the blank wall which has always been ignored before. And as the stairs move upwards, so do the parallel picture frames meaning as you go up the stairs, the pictures will always be at face height.

Wall Collage in living room


    A great way to display your family photos or artworks is to plan a wall collage by using a large sheet of paper (or many pieces of paper taped together).

  • First, simply lay your photo frames out on the paper, and create a look you like and trace around the frames.
  • Then quickly take a picture before moving those pictures. 
  • Next, measure on each photo frame the distance from the edge of the frame to the hanging hook to ensure getting each hole drilled in the correct place. Then transfer this onto your planning sheet, and mark on each frame outline where the hook is (this is where you will drill)
  • Finally simply cello-tape the paper to the wall, remembering that eye line is roughly around 60″ from the floor. Step back, and once you find the right position, begin drilling and position your photo frames on the wall – and don’t forget to remove the paper in the end!

    This method may give you an idea for how to decorate the empty walls behind the sofa, next to the television or above the fireplace with picture frames, and avoid unnecessary drillings at the same time. Meanwhile, this method allows you to stand back from the wall to see the full effect and adjust the position of the wall frame, so that you are able to test every different idea of hanging them up.

Enrich kid‘s world 

    The atmosphere your children are surrounded by makes a huge difference in their cognitive development. Therefore, wall decorating, as an important part of a kid's room decoration, requires a lot consideration, could be creative and inspiring as well.

blog-kids paint

The classic and ordinary element of wall decoration would be hand drawings. But besides that, there are still many interesting ways, and among which some would exert an influence on cultivating hobbies or inspiring potential.

    For example, getting posters of their favorite sportsman or simple graphics of the sports would motivate them for sports and exercises, let alone help them keep in good health. It works for other hobbies as well, if she/ he is a dance lover, using prints of her/ his favorite dancer as wall decor would be a great encouragement to improve their skills.

blog-map compass

    What’s more, if your children are crazy about adventures, a map wall will definitely boost their interests in learning space knowledge and exploring new places. Whether you opt for a small map or get the whole wall printed of a huge map, whether it is a simple world map or a galaxy map, this might be the best way to inspire and teach them.

Vivify your Kitchen 


    Well, don’t be surprised when you find out that wall decor also gains a foothold in kitchen interiors. As a cooking enthusiast, you must have collected various recipes that you would like to record for the meals in the future, no matter from family, friends or the internet. 

    It’s actually a really innovative idea to frame them carefully and hang them up on the wall in your kitchen. In this case, you never have to rummage through drawers for the recipes you need urgently while preparing food. Everything will be clearly displayed on the wall so that you could create culinary masterpieces freely. Meanwhile, if decorated well, they could also be gorgeous enough thus to be regarded as wonderful wall embellishments and enliven the kitchen.

Frame as Ornaments

    As a classic ornament, picture frames also play an important role in no matter the decoration for tables or shelves. 

    Decorating a table with a collection of picture frames requires great space management and selectivity to create an appealing furnishing that serves as a focal point in your living space. One thing you need to be aware of is that depending on the size of your table, choosing photos and picture frames that don't overwhelm the tabletop is as important as placing them in a conspicuous place where they could be easily viewed from across the room.

-Make Combinations

blog-frame combo

    Matching picture frames with other different items and creating various combinations could be another choice. Organize picture frames on a large table or shelf by creating groupings: Firstly,  place a lamp or other large accessory such as a vase, stack of books or candelabra on one end of the table, then group three or five framed photos on the opposite side. Remember to place taller framed photos behind smaller images to create depth. Grouping black-and-white photos together has a modern appeal, while grouping colorful snapshots together creates a warm, friendly vibe. An organized collection of photos would draw people’s attention to the table, making it a central furnishing.

-Less is more

blog-less is more

    To accessorize an accent table, dresser, buffet table or sofa table, picture frames you choose should limit the number of images to avoid cluttering the area. Secondly, always try to opt for an odd number of frames, such as three, five or seven. Anyone with basic aesthetic accomplishment knows that odd numbers could create a more interesting visual experience due to the special brain structure of human beings. Besides, odd numbers could emphasize the key point of the design, and create a natural and vivid atmosphere at the same time. Also remember that the fewer the images, the more you can draw attention to each individual picture. Thirdly, choose magnified, zoomed-in photos of people's faces rather than distant shots to create focus points.

-Transparent cases

blog-transparent box

    Placing photos in transparent boxes is an affordable, simple and impactful way to display collections like your favorite items, not confined to pictures or photos. Opt for lidded jars, pedestals with domed glass coverings or glass bottles to showcase the pictures. Use the curve of the glass to bend the photos so they wrap around the inside of the container, or place smaller square-shaped photos in larger glass containers. Then you could organize the see-through containers in odd-numbered groupings and place them on your tabletop or shelf.

    Last but not least, after deciding the rightful place to display the picture frames, do remember that no matter you choose to frame the photos in brushed metal, wood or wrought-iron frames, make sure that they coordinate well with the overall style.

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