What constitutes a frame and how do they work?

    Getting a good frame for your picture is very important. A piece of art is incomplete until it has a picture frame, and without one, even the best art in the world will never show its full potential. Of course, a frame can't make a masterpiece of poor artwork, but when a picture has artistic potential, the frame will surely emphasize its best detail.

    A basic picture frame consists of four individual parts: the frame itself (made up of 4 wood, metal or plastic rails and stiles), glass board, a mat board and a backboard.The glass board, mat board, and backboard are all the same size. Their size is determined by the size of the frame. Subsequent articles will describe the components of the frame and how they work.

Definition of a picture frame

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    A picture frame is an installation used to protect, display, and often enhance a painting, sketch, photograph, or other visual representation. Picture frames are usually divided into wooden picture frames, antique picture frames, metal picture frames and plastic picture frames. This article will mainly talk about wooden picture frames and antique picture frames.

    Wooden picture frames can be found in every home across the globe; there are many advantages to using wooden picture frames instead of metal frames or plastic photo frames. Wooden picture frames definitely have a more 'rustic' warm feeling about them than colder metal frames made out of materials such as aluminum. These days, you can get what is known as a 'composite' wooden picture frame. These frames are made up of thousands of tiny bits of wood glued together with a special adhesive which can have hundreds of different wood effects printed on them. The advantages of using these composite frames are they are cheaper than using a real solid wooden picture frame, they are more eco-friendly as they are often made from recycled wood.

    Antique frames are similar in composition to wooden picture frames, but are more valuable and collectable. In Europe, antique picture frames are highly valued collectibles and are often displayed as works of art without canvas.

Protective board

    Protective board, as the name implies, its role is to protect the picture, and not let the picture dirty, yellow and other problems, so that the picture can be long preserved. We generally use glass boards and acrylic boards, both of which are high quality protective boards.

Glass board

    The high-quality glass board used to protect the picture frame is thin, it is highly transparent to ensure the artwork is visually undistorted and has UV protection. Acrylic or more commonly plexiglass is functionally similar to glass, but it has the added benefit of being longer lasting and lighter. Plexiglass is almost impossible to crack or break. Of course, it also has disadvantages, the disadvantage is that it is easier to scratch than ordinary glass, some people think it looks not as good as ordinary glass, but in fact, its advantages are more than disadvantages. That is why our company's picture frames use this kind of plexiglass as the cover board.

Acrylic board

    Acrylic boards have been around for some time. Through acrylic boards could be perfect for displaying photos of outdoor scenes and landscapes. The 3D effect created by the acrylic gives the photos a polished look. Although there are more modern means of displaying photos, it is still a popular choice in displaying photos. 

    Acrylic boards not only can showcase distinctive colors and details of pictures, but also add depth and richness to the images. This contrasts with conventional picture frames that simply hold views flat against the wall. What's more, acrylic boards are much stronger than glass and, therefore, less likely to break. This is due to their composition. Acrylics are a polymer, so they are plastic, unlike glass, which is a brittle material. This makes acrylic sheets more durable, more flexible, easier to transport and lighter than glass.

Mat Board

    Mat board is a paper-type product placed between the glass board and picture, providing a border that enhances the image, while also creating space between the picture and the glass board. 


    Behind the picture frame, there is a layer or two which is used to protect the picture from behind, it is not visible from the front, but it still serves an important purpose. It is generally used to protect the picture frame and other materials within it. 

    If you have some beautiful pictures that you want to display on your wall, be sure to use high-quality picture frames. Because for some unpredictable reasons, an inappropriate picture frame will eventually damage the picture. Likewise, improper backboards, poor adhesives, contaminants in the air, and many other things can eventually damage the frame. Therefore, when you are shopping for a picture frame, a good backboard is also very important.

Mounting board

    Mounting board is a strong, stiff board consisting of a lightweight foam within outside layers of paper. It supports pictures within a frame, and provides a smooth surface onto which the picture can be mounted.

    When you buy picture frames with a complete framing treatment, the mounting board isn’t typically seen, but serves an important function in preserving artwork. It prevents delicate paper works from curling and warping and helps keep dust and other unwanted substances from getting inside the frame.

Hanging hole

    A hanging hole is used to hang your picture frame. To create a hanging hole for your picture frame, use a level, pencil, tape measure and ruler. Making the hanging hole requires careful measurement to ensure that the hole is in the right place. Smaller frames could be fine on one hanging hole, while wider pictures will need the balance of two or more hanging holes equally spaced. Test the fixings before you hang  your picture on them, to avoid a broken frame!

Attached rope

    Attached rope, as the name suggests, is the tool that connects the picture frame to the wall if you want to hang it on the wall. Its function is to allow the frame to hang on the wall and not fall off.

Things could be framed

    One quick and easy way to instantly freshen up your home’s look is to swap out what you’re displaying in your picture frames. And just because they’re called picture frames doesn’t mean we’re limited to using pictures in them! Using an ordinary item in an unexpected way adds interest to a room and picture frames are no exception. So here are some creative things you can frame!


    Notes or letters are great options. I have a note that my grandparents left for me framed in my cabinet. The note doesn’t say anything particularly interesting, but it was a gesture that my grandparents often did for me and so it reminds me of them. Similarly, love letters, postcards, even envelopes would be fun to frame if they hold meaning to you!


    By my cupboard in the kitchen, I've framed three recipes of dishes that remind me of my family. Not only do I love looking at the handwriting, but recipes are a natural fit as part of kitchen decor!


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    Frames don’t have to have something in them! Sometimes, the shape alone can add architectural interest to a space.


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    Do you have a couple of picture frames laying around that you just don't like? Turn them into beautifully decorated frames that you'll love adding to your gallery wall. Here are some ways to decorate picture frames!

1.Painted mats

    An even easier way to decorate picture frames is to paint your mat. Spray paint or craft paint would work great here. Painted mats would be a great way to add a bold accent color to a space.

2.Gold studded picture frame

    Add gold studs to the corners of your picture frame with the help of super glue. This easy fix will instantly glam up your plain old frame!

3.Fabric covered mat

    A colorful fabric covered mat will jazz up a simple picture frame. If you have a fabric stash, this project is perfect for you if you are a big fan of fabrics.

Corresponding style

    When it comes to decorating your walls, choosing the most fitting types of picture frames for your space can seem a bit overwhelming. Between varying frame finishes, display styles, and materials, how do you know what will look best in your home? In order to adapt to various styles of painting, a suitable frame is often very important, since through a suitable frame, it can show the best side of your painting as well.

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    Take modern picture frames as an example. The thin profile of modern frame styles allow your photos to take center stage, for a minimalist look that puts the emphasis on the print. Modern Metal Frame is a premium-quality option for any space, ready to hang as a centerpiece or in tandem with other pieces in a gallery wall.

    Antique picture frame is also a good choice. Opt for antique photo frames featuring patinas in warm gold, bronze, silver or brown to give your space a timeless ambiance that proves classic details never go out of style.

    These are all about the components of a picture frame and how they work. There are many kinds of frames, here we will not continue to list them out one by one, you can choose the frame style you like, after all a suitable style is the best. 

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