What are the advantages of a really good photo frame?

Protect the prints

    Let’s get started from the most basic function of a picture frame. Vik Muniz is a Brazilian artist whose work exposes the nuts and bolts of centuries-old masterpieces. His work displays the artwork that has gone into the world’s most famous frames. In his special exhibition, he shares his preference for the back of paintings. He once said that “dealing with paintings as objects, not images.” In his opinion, the back of the painting reflects the artist’s studio and the reality behind the painting. Indeed, his work reveals the many stages needed when presenting and preserving a piece of artwork.

    Though the structure of the picture frame cannot really be seen by the viewer, it still determines how long the artwork can last eventually. The reason we can enjoy various original photo frames today is that they were made of not only the finest materials, but also with the finest techniques.

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    Imagine you have a valuable artwork in the form of photography that you wish could last for a long time. It must need great protection as one of the cons for photographs is that it would easily fade away or get yellowed with time if it’s not preserved well, away from problems like pool handling, air pollution, annoying bugs, light and humidity.

    Although for a picture frame in just the simplest design, protecting the prints inside from getting dusty or damaged should be its primary function as long as it has been qualified by the factory. However, how well it could protect your artworks varies mostly because of the difference in materials chosen, including those of protective board, mounting board and the outside frame. 

    For example, compared with normal glass, plexiglass plays a better role in both protecting the prints inside and the protective board itself as it possesses outstanding strength, stiffness, lightness and optical clarity, thus making it a better choice in producing a good photo frame. Similarly, a properly selected photo frame will also help you protect the art from elements like UV rays or acids.

    With so many things needed to be considered, you might think about custom framing for the best results. After all, a professional team or a craftsman will have the tools and techniques to ensure that the job is being done to the highest quality possible, and that your piece of art has the appropriate level of protection.

Enhance the entire value

    A photograph that is well taken is already a work of art in itself. But with a good picture frame to decorate, the photo could stand out more easily, and they together could be called “a piece of Art”. There is a mysterious allure in framed photos, which no doubt enhances the aesthetics value of the photo, as well as improves the effects of the interior decoration. 

    Napoleon understood this, and that’s why he dictated that all the collections of the Louvre should be reframed. That’s also why historical vintage picture frames are worth incredibly much today. In today’s art scene, people are more likely to understand the value of an authentic and high-quality picture frame.

    To demonstrate the beauty of the artwork and make its combination with the frame an extension of the art, plenty of research about the color matching, texture choosing and style combining need to be done thus to achieve the goal of creating an excellent artwork. We will take texture as example:

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    Wood is naturally the most common one while making photo frames, but there are also many made of other materials like silver, bronze, aluminum and various plastics. Different textures play important but distinguished roles in communicating about the piece of art that is on display. The material of Grainy wood can give a sentimental feeling, while a more ornate metal picture frame which is painted gold gives a look of refinement and bombast. Each material can communicate something about the art within the frame. However, there are some other types of frames that will do more harm than good to your photograph, that’s why we should avoid photo frame which is made of cheap plastic or defective wood or metal.

Express owner’s taste

    One of the biggest benefits of displaying framed photographs is that it provides an opportunity to express the characteristic of the owner without a single word. That means new visitors can get an idea of your personality traits easily by how the artworks have been framed, which are displayed on the table or hung on the wall. 

    Except style, size, texture, color and shape, how to frame your prints and where to display them are all decided by you. From an entire room to even just a single corner, anywhere could be a place for you to brandish your talents and all your imagination. 

    What’s more, a well framed picture can give an immediate impression of an exquisite piece of art, thus improving the whole decoration, adding extra mood to the overall vision. Therefore, when choosing wall frames, you should always think about the general impression that the picture frame could give off.

Add New Life to Pictures

    Everyone could have a picture that was taken a long time before. It might lose its luster and not look that good, therefore framing it could be the best choice as it would add new life to the picture, and you’re likely to notice things that you might have not in the past. 

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    The wonderful piece from Christie’s – “What Goes Around: The Art of Framing” – shows how a unique picture frame helped to capture the beauty of a Raphael portrait, boosting its value greatly. 

    What’s more, you could also add simple context or meaningful ornaments to the handmade frame as decorative elements so that people could easily understand the story you wish to tell or how special it means to you. Especially when you are using it as a meaningful gift for others or making it as a timeless heirloom that you wish to last for a long time.

    The advantages above could explain the saying that the picture frame is the Cinderella of the art world- they work hard, offer support and accommodate for the painting, but in most cases, it is easily ignored. Hence, if you work as an interior designer or just are at the stage of decorating your new home, pay more attention to this useful but often overlooked element, I’m sure it would help you a lot.

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