Say no to Tacky- Fresh Application of Picture Frames

    Finishing making key chains and candle holders, we will introduce two other fresh ideas for applying picture frames. Same as before, one is used as jewelry and another for display. Keep reading and see how it goes.

Near the Heart

blog-photo pendant 

    Is there someone or any memory that you cherish so much? Have you ever considered a way of keeping them near, and by that I mean, at the nearest place to your heart? Don’t get it wrong. Nothing cruel or creepy, I’m just talking about putting photos into a photo frame and making it a simple necklace. To get one, you might need preparation as follow.

Raw materials:

Pictures or frames, glass slides, soldering iron, Lead-free solder


Glue stick, liquid flux, soft cloth, glass cleaner, foil soldering tape, cleaner for flux and patina

Decorative Accessories:

Beads, lobster clasp, silver jump ring, sterling silver chain, silver jewelry wire

Crafting Tools:

Clamp, glass cutter, wire cutters, flat-nose pliers, round-nosed pliers, needle-nose pliers


  1. Cut out the pictures into the ideal sizes.
  2. Glue the pictures back to back.
  3. Cut a glass slide in half using a glass cutter or you can purchase the ready-made. Clean the pieces with glass cleaner to avoid dust particles.
  4. Sandwich the image between the two pieces of glass and fix it preliminarily.
  5. Wrap the edges of the glass with foil soldering tape. Brush liquid flux over the foil tape.
  6. Adhere solder over the foil-taped edges with a soldering iron.
  7. Repeat the soldering process on the reverse side of the pendant, and clean with flux remover and a soft cloth.
  8. Clamp the piece and apply flux to the top edge. Hold the jump ring with needle-nose pliers and solder the two jump rings evenly spaced across the top. Then, clean it with flux cleaner.
  9. Make two tiny wire hearts from the silver jewelry wire by shaping the wire around round-nose pliers. (You can go for any other shape you like). Solder one heart to the lower left corner of the pendant, and don’t forget about another side.
  10. Attach the chain onto wire strung with two beads next to each jump ring on the pendant and close with the flat-nosed pliers. Add a lobster clasp at the end. 
  11. Then you can attach the pendant to the sterling silver chain. That’s it! Here is your unique necklace.

Rotate with Sky Wheel

blog-ferris wheel

    Do you like Ferris Wheel? Have you heard a saying that every check of the Sky Wheel is filled with happiness and people could feel it too even just looking up at it? Besides, Sky Wheel is often related to childhood joy or romance between lovers due to the special atmosphere it creates. Now, there’s a chance for you to create your own Ferris Wheel, and what’s better, there could be a place for you to look forward to happiness anytime you like, together with all the pleasant memories you cherish. Join us in this DIY instruction and create your own romance.

Material Required:

Bamboo sticks, ice cream sticks, straws, colorful papers and cardboard pieces


Glue gun, scissors and basic stationery.

blog- stationery

Section One: Make the Wheels

1. Cut the cardboard into a circle shape and divide it into 6 equal pieces and mark the demarcation with a pen.

2. Hollow out 6 equal sector shapes from the round cardboard, slightly smaller than the areas you marked before. You will get a wheel-like object.

3. Wrap the wheel with colorful paper or draw on it. You can even use the spray, just decorate it as you like. 

4. Drill one hole in the center of the wheel and six holes in the demarcation of the outside wheel for later use. Remember to make another wheel in the same way.

Section Two: Make a stand

1. Use three bamboo sticks (should be two long and one short) to form a triangle and connect each two with the glue gun.

2. Cut the ice cream stick into proper sizes and affix them with the bamboo sticks on the two bottom angles of the stand to reinforce the stability. Make another piece of the stand in the same way.

3. Add two sticks at the bottom to connect two triangles and make the stand more sturdy.

Section Three: Make the Picture Frames

1. Decide the size you need for the photos waiting to be framed. Based on that, determine the size of the frames.

2. Cut the ice cream sticks into ideal sizes to form the picture frames. Meanwhile, prepare the according backboard with cardboard pieces. (You can also choose to make a double-sided frame made by two assembled frames) Get them simply wrapped or painted.

3. Stick the three sides and leave the fourth side open for photo insert and change. You will be making six picture frames in this way in total.

Final Section: Assemble

1. Fix a straw at the center hole of the wheels to connect them together so that the wheels could move smoothly.

2. Stick a straw on top of each picture frame with the help of a glue gun. Then put a bamboo stick through the straw and the holes on the wheel boards to connect the wheel boards and the picture frame together.

3. Put a bamboo stick through the straw stuck in the center of the wheel to connect the tops of each side of the triangle stand.

4. Add more sticks on the bottom base to make it more stable.

    Ta-da! Now you own a lovely Ferris Wheel on your own, and more importantly, it's unique and filled with your memories.

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