New Ideas For Wall Hanging

    In the last article, we introduced the comparably common method of hanging artwork on the wall, but if you want to go further, we also prepare various creative ideas for your reference.

Design A Pinboard 

    If you’ve collected some paintings from any flea markets, each with lovely peeling edges, and you want to preserve those charming details, in this case, a fancy floating frame is needless. You can choose to hang up wispy paper drawings and call it a day. Leaving artworks unframed is completely fine, even could be regarded as unique and creative. That’s the time we need a corkboard. Fortunately,  it’s pretty easy to make one on our own.


    First, choose an empty and large picture frame, whether the frame is made of simple plastic, natural wood or ornate metal. Carefully remove the glass or acrylic cover of the picture frame and put it aside. Lay the back wall of the picture frame on top of the cork panel you have prepared. And then trace the outlines directly onto the cork board with a colored pen. Next, carefully cut out the board with scissors. Be really careful with this process, as the cork wall can break easily. Alternatively, a sharp knife also works. But do remember to take good care of your fingers!

    Once you have cut the panel into an ideal size, you can attach it together with the picture frame and fix them on the wall. In this way, your old picture frame will be transformed into a pinboard and can be used to hang up photos, prints and postcards, sometimes even pieces of notes with messages left for your roommates.

Switch with Tape

blog-tape on wall

    If you live in a rented house where nailing is not allowed or you just dislike drilling holes on your delicately painted wall. Here is another ideal solution for hanging a picture without nails, which could suit walls with a variety of surfaces, from painted walls to wood panels to glass walls. It’s pretty easy. There are only two things to prepare: Pictures you would like to hang and a roll of good quality tape, removable tape will be the best if you want to protect the wall to the utmost extent. Before beginning, make sure to clean your wall with rubbing alcohol. You could mark the ideal position with a pencil slightly in advance so that it looks tidy. And do remember to erase those marks to avoid a mess. Meanwhile, sticking them randomly on the wall is of peculiar interest and charm. However, this only works for those comparably small and light frames.

Mesh Together

    Chicken wire is commonly used for—as its name—chicken coops. But who says chicken wire is just for the birds? Aside from fencing in fowl, hexagonal metal screens are often used for small greenhouses, tomato cages, landscaping, and garden fences. Believe it or not, hex mesh is a popular element in art creation. And if you are a big fan of rustic or farmhouse-chic home design, you’ll definitely love these chicken wire ideas.

blog-chicken wire

Chicken Wire Frame

    A DIY chicken wire frame could be a great and easy-handling example to follow. Besides a frame and a sheet of wire mesh, you need to prepare nothing else to create your unique frame. Dig out an old mirror, chalkboard, or other cast-off frame and make it a cool wire frame to hang some photos and prints. Snip the wire into the right size, then get your staple gun to secure the wire to the frame. Another idea is to place a framed picture in a larger frame and use chicken wire as decorative backing. A little tip: Mini clothespins work greatly while clipping photos to the mesh.     

    As for postcards and notes, you certainly can attach them to your fridge with magnets like others always do, but why not create an appointed space to hang them with charming wire mesh? As hex mesh has a relatively large opening size with a comparably thin wire diameter, making it an ideal place for attaching photos, cards, and kids' art projects with clothespins. 

Framed Jewelry Organizer

blog-wire display

    If you are addicted to pretty accessories and blinking trinkets. Framed hex mesh can also work as your perfect jewelry organizer. This decorative item can be easily hung on the wall in your bedroom, next to your dresser or closet, being delicate but also practical. It provides the prime place to keep your ornaments such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and fancy barrettes.

Mesh Framed Wreath

    Wreaths aren't just for Christmas. If you are a gardener, you can create gorgeous circular pieces and enjoy them throughout the year, using flowers, evergreen, vines, Baby‘s breath, and other greenery. Wreaths look great inside the round frame, providing a rustic feeling, but you can also try square and rectangular frames for a more modern look.


    To make a hex mesh frame, you could virtually use any picture frame, old window, or wooden box. First, you'll need to remove all items inside, including glass, paper, cardboard, and any wooden backing. Be careful when dealing with glass and wood splinters, you’d better use gloves and other protective gear.

    Next, cut a sheet of chicken wire to suit the size of the frame with heavy-duty scissors or wire sheers. Gloves will be necessary during this step to avoid pokes and scratches.

    Finally, it comes to attaching. Heavy-duty staples should do the trick. Attach the mesh to the back of the frame, and make sure they are well connected well. And if you're using a metal picture frame, you can use super glue or hot glue while attaching.

Nautical Themed Mesh 

blog-fishing net

    Things work the same way for another mesh type— The Fishing Net. All you need are only a fishing net, only if you don’t mind the fish smell, and some clothespins, better in wood to create a natural vibe. In this way, you can change the photos whenever you want, also suitable for artwork and crafts, other papers or cards, etc. You may also add some seashells to turn it into a typical coastal decor. 

    Now that you could see, as long as we slow down and perceive the beauty hidden in our lives, any item often ignored before could not only be made a great ornament to the walls but also shine bright in our lives.

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