How to decorate the wall in the Kids' room?

    According to scientific research, the atmosphere the children are surrounded by plays an extremely important role in their cognitive development. Therefore, the way their rooms are set up, including the colors and decorations that are chosen, requires mature consideration from parents. Here are some wall decor ideas and tips that may be helpful if you are planning a dream room for your children. We are sure you could find something to integrate into designing your ideal kids’ room.

Enlighten by Posters


    Childhood is the most critical period to develop the potential brain, also the important stage where we learn the foundations for life. 

Some wall decals and prints are just right for you to help your children learn with ease. 

Start on ABCs

    In case you don’t know, children start recognizing animals far earlier than the alphabet. Therefore, getting the images of animals next to their respective letters could help the little ones learn the alphabet much easier. You can also go with printed sheets or letter stickers for this concept. Use these to teach your little ones how to read, pronounce and even write!  

Count for Fun

    Sometimes, teaching things like how to recognize numbers or count may also be difficult. To make learning a more enjoyable experience, getting kids’ wall decor with appealing and lovely illustrations of numbers alongside small objects is a more creative and lucid method that would help children learn how to count with ease. After all, seeing it every day will be enough for your child to learn a thing or two directly.

Display Animal Images 

    Multi-panel canvas prints with animal images are a great way to add a touch of nature to the room. This idea works for any interior style, whether you prefer a rustic feel or a more modern-style wall decor. For the kids’ room of a little voyager, you can paint the walls ocean blue and put on some cartoon stickers of fish, corals, or other inhabitants of the sea; for the room of a little jungle explorer, you can create a green wall in forest theme, with stickers of wild animals like birds, monkeys, even tigers and lions. Just remember to use high-quality material that won’t leave residue or damage the walls in case you need to change the theme as often as you wish and always keep it fresh.

Inspire Hobbies

blog-sport poster

    A just right wall decor relevant to personal hobbies could leave a good or even profound inspiration to the children. If they have a love for dance, use ballerina-shaped graphics or pictures of Jazz to encourage and refine their taste, and help foster a sense of elegance. If she/ he has an athletic dream, you may also incorporate kids’ bedroom wall art decors with some sports posters or shoots of famous athletes, maybe decorated with delicate photo frames, thus creating a healthy and sportive vibe. The same is true if your kids have interests in any other likings.

Invite Literary Characters to the room

    Heroes and other characters of kids’ favorite stories are sometimes forgotten except at bedtime but there’re still lots of good qualities that your children can learn from. Add these elements into kids’ room decor and tell stories through these illustrative decals to create better impacts on them. The Little Prince is a great role model. What’s theirs? 

    These posters have well-thought-out designs for different personalities and preferences and provide opportunities for your children to see the world enriched beyond cartoons.

Explore a New World 

blog-explore the world

    However, there are far more ideas than cartoon prints when it comes to the wall decor of the kids’ room. In an age of virtual reality, instilling a love for adventure will make your child brave in real life and help them become better explorers in the future.

    Have no idea of how to start?  Pretty easy. No matter if you get a small print of a world map with a simple picture frame or a wall-size map, it would definitely boost their interest in the outside world. 

    What’s more adventurous for children than camping? While you may not be able to take them to camp out very often, you can still create an adventure-themed room with wall decals featuring a view of the mountains or islands and set up a tent corner next to it where he can play or read. 

    Furthermore, if you are wondering how to get your children curious about what it will be like outside our planet, or get them excited about exploring the universe in the future, try to paint the ceiling universe color, and use some wall prints featuring astronauts and celestial objects!

Creative Corner

blog-creative corner

    Here is how to decorate the wall while giving your child the opportunity to get creative. Cover one of the walls with chalkboard paint. Your kids will have a huge surface to practice their drawing skills and freely change the wall designs all by themselves. An alternative is to get a huge dry-erase board made of acrylic or PVC, or a huge blank canvas, as long as it’s a place where your children’s artwork can be displayed. And remember to frame the board or canvas with a proper picture frame in case it goes abruptly with the general interior style. In this way, they’ll feel quite accomplished and be inspired to further master their artistic skills. By the way, reserving a blank wall for a huge unfinished puzzle helps to develop children’s brains and expand their imagination, meanwhile could be regarded as unique wall decor and create a mysterious vibe.

    Promoting creativity during childhood indeed has lifelong impacts in the most positive ways. Therefore, you should always allow your children to explore their imagination starting with the room they grow up in. 

Showcase Shelves 

blog-display shelf

    Kids are collectors, and when it comes to decorating a collector’s room, the simplest way is to make collecting and showcasing both easier. 

    All kids want a space for displaying their items, no matter if it’s for their favorite books, precious collections, honorary diplomas, handmade crafts, or treasured shoots decorated with delicate picture frames. A galvanized metal shelf is fairly inexpensive and can be purchased in sheets at most home improvement stores. Just mount it on the wall and you have a modern display shelf to display all your certificates and diplomas which have been framed well with simple frames made of metal or plastic. However, if you have a special preference for wooden items, you could also set up simple wooden shelves with several pieces of wooden boards, which often match well with ornaments like wooden picture frames and handmade wooden crafts.

    On the other hand, pictures and postcards don't always have to be stuck to picture frames or a corkboard. Try hanging them by strings from the ceiling or clipping them to a string along the wall to create an interactive border in a room as well as a casual atmosphere.

blog-frames on shelf

Additional Tips

    Aside from these kids’ room wall decor ideas, you‘ll also need a few tips to know how to make your child feels as relaxed as possible. 

Tip 1. Choosing neutral colors. In this way, you could avoid the need for a full renovation as your child grows older. Sky-blue, eggshell, beige, and pale green are only a few from plenty of choices. Keep in mind that each color has a different effect on children’s emotions. 

Tip 2. Make use of temporary wall decors so you can keep things fresh. Kids’ interests change as they grow and they grow really fast. Use high-quality adhesives that won’t leave residue or damage the wall’s surface when removed. 

Tip 3. Still getting nowhere with how to decorate kids’ room walls? Ask your children and let them get brainstorm to create a unique room wall.

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