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    As maybe the most frequently used place in the house, the living room needs to be designed to make people feel both comfortable and delightful. Sometimes a few tweaks in the color scheme, decorative elements, or furniture layout can make a huge difference and create a  beautiful and livable space for basic daily activities.

Set an overall tone

    If you still don’t have a clue about how to start, try to consider something macroscopic first, like setting an overall mood. Here are some ideas that would help you with that.

Add Lighting

blog-hanging light

    As it’s known to all, light plays an essential role in improving visual impacts, especially in creating features for a space. Strategically placed lighting can liven up your room. Add a pair of sconces to the wall above the fireplace, or add a single sconce in the wall to brighten up the dark corner a little, meanwhile, the simple black and white silhouette add both the mysterious and solemn feel to any dreary place of the living room.

Build Glass Walls

blog-glass wall

    Finishing about the indoor lighting, outdoor lighting matters equally. In this case, building glass walls would be a perfect choice if you want to add extra vitality or just more light to a living room. It’s the simplest way to perfectly blend the indoor and the outdoor space, and also a great idea for decorating your holiday house, or home surrounded by beautiful sceneries.

Add Some Greenery

    Plants add a sculptural element to a room, and also bring extra vitality and create elegance to your living room.  

blog-greenery coffee table

    Look for interesting leaf shapes or colorful foliage to bring a little extra life to your walls in the living room as a focal point. Try to place a potted plant on the coffee table to serve as a centerpiece, or fill an empty corner with a dangled plant. In this case, the greenery itself could own its place in creating beauty in anywhere. Just imagine how cascading greenery dangling from the top of a bookcase provide an open-plan space, creating an extraordinary feel that everything in this room has been livened up, solving your problem of running out of books at the same time.

    Besides, lining the bottom of your walls with various types of plants is a fun, natural way to level up the existing artwork on the wall. For example, for a place that has already done a great job in creating a gallery wall, placing plants below the picture frames or on either side of the gallery wall helps ensure there aren't any unnecessary blank spaces.

    Furthermore, if your living room lacks natural light or you're not confident with your plant care abilities, go for some realistic-looking faux plants instead. There are plenty of low-maintenance varieties of plants at better affordable prices. Plus, dried stems can also work as alternative ideas. Gather some fresh flowers or leaves from your backyard and let them dry naturally, then you will have free greenery decor for the living room.

Get Featured

Invest in Beautiful Shelves

    A beautiful and organized display is often very revealing of the character of the owner, therefore, never be afraid of displaying your ever-growing collection with pride. To begin with, never overthink your living room wall shelves. Sometimes all you need is a single, long ledge that displays artwork like picture frames, photographs or other prints in the same way a gallery wall can, but makes it much easier to rearrange and swap out picture frames when necessary. 

Wall-Mounted Ladder Shelf

 blog-ladder shelf

    Building a ladder shelving unit might be a good idea that combines the look of the free-standing shelves and wall-mounted shelves. With sturdy construction and easy assembly, It frees up floor space underneath, but still has the visual impact of a cabinet. Meanwhile, the simple sleek design fits well with the living room designed in almost any style. 

Make the Most of Alcoves

blog-built-in shelf

    Whether newly installed or forming part of the original architecture, living room alcoves make great features within a space. This recessed shelving adds depth to the space and works as a focal feature to introduce a new decor idea called contrasting design. With this, you can create distinctive niches to display books, artworks, photo frames, and plants that can evolve over time. Creating your very own library in a living room with a built-in wall-to-wall design works in both classic and contemporary homes alike. If you are at a loss for where to store your treasured collection, alcoves are a particularly effective place for all your curated displays.

Framed Artworks

    When it comes to wall decoration, you can never go wrong with framed artwork, the most classic wall embellishment. Sometime the classic could evoke new feelings.

Large-sized paint

    One of the most convenient choices for the living room is one large-sized statement painting hung carefully on the wall, could also be applying a group of framed pictures that come from several split parts of a complete photo. It is an unfailing look that can be easily adjusted in order to suit your tastes at different times. When selecting a piece like this, one thing to keep in mind is the coherence between the floor, walls, and ceiling. 

Shrink It Down

    Maybe it sounds surprising that a gallery wall doesn't need to take up the entire room. In fact, sometimes a tiny one can make a bigger style statement. Put some tiny photo frames or framed paintings on display for a subtle yet playful gallery wall, opting for micro-mini frames and random composition. Even the combo of simplest picture frames could bring an unexpected treat to the living room.

Say Yes to Leaning Artwork

blog-leaning pictures

    What’s more, hanging artwork is not the only way to make it impactful. You can always choose to lean artwork up against the wall, one large piece for example, creating a relaxed, undone and cozy feel.  

Explore Unique Style

Try Boho Chic


blog-boho chic

    Boho style has become somewhat of a favorite for a lot of people and we’re all for it. Blending woven baskets into the wall, hanging a huge tapestry on the wall behind the sofa, and having a bead curtain between rooms, there are plenty of ways of making your living room stand out easily, let alone the rich colors and patterns they bring. Trying bohemian style is indeed a fun way to add a touch of personality to the living room, as well as the unique lived-in feeling. And with enough wall space, you can take advantage of different parts of your living room to let your decor run wild. 

Go Tribal Style 

    Another niche but unique theme definitely worth trying is what is called Tribal Style. It applies prints with geometric patterns as a great addition to both bohemian living spaces and creates a rustic feeling for the room. This fun and exotic style pairs wall art with an esoteric theme in your living room. 

blog-dear head

    Taxidermy is another distinctive and famous element of tribal style decor. However, today we suggest you make it vegan, that is to get an animal head made out of grass palm stems, like a deer, an elephant, a sheep or a goat. The best thing is that no animals will be harmed in the process of making this arresting home decor.

    Just go with your heart. As long as you put effort into it, even the smallest updates could make a huge and meaningful difference and you will eventually get your ideal living room.

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