Free From Traditional Bedroom

    At the end of a long day, when the only thing that will do is to curl up in bed and take a good rest, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing so in a thoughtfully designed bedroom. This place should be optimized for sleep first and foremost, but also show off the owner’s personal taste. Here are some ideas for decoration that can free your bedroom from staying ordinary. 

Open the Door to A New World


    Who hasn’t dreamed about taking a journey to uncharted islands or finding a secret door to the wonderland? Even if we couldn’t make these adventurous dreams come true yet, it would temporarily meet our curiosity if we could just have a dream at midnight about taking a trip to a fairyland or a mysterious island. Therefore, a bedroom featured with elements like magic creatures such as unicorns and fairies, or objects like ships and coconuts would be of great necessity, especially for dream making.

Paint the Fantasy

    Wall paintings and murals might be your first choice if you have a talent for painting, or you can also turn to an artist friend for help. Keep your brush busy right away and get yourself a fantasy forest full of magical creatures instead of a normal bedroom. You could also pick up a favorite fairy tale that you want to reappear again. Or just describe the vibe you desire, no matter how abstract it is, just let your artist do the rest.

Stickers Always Help

    Do not be frustrated if you don’t have enough talent for designing all by yourself. Because after all, most of us just have the ability to appreciate beauty, but not to create. That’s why we need a Plan B. At this time, cartoon stickers would be the best solution. Just go and get some stickers from local gift shops or online stores, such as trees and magical creatures like unicorns, but remember to purchase those of good quality, removable and reusable ones would be the best. Because cheap and defective stickers may cause damage to the wall when you need to adjust the final position.

    In a word, as long as you want, there must be a way to reproduce those fabulous scenes in your mind.

Put Up Your Statement 

    A wall sign is possibly the most durable and common decor item you’ll ever find in a house. Not only this, it can blend well with rooms of various styles and create a perfect statement piece when placed in the right place. No matter whether you would like to go vintage or modern, minimalist or classic, just pick a sign that matches just right with your style. And if you would like to choose prints with simple lines as your statement, do consider using some picture frames to match with. Because sometimes a simple photo frame will make a big difference. And if you do not have any ideas about the position, you can simply mount one right above the bed for creating an eye-catching visual effect in the room.

Be Romantic

    For people who spend their lives pursuing romance, a bedroom might be their favorite room in the home, as most romances do happen here. If decorated right, it could be the best place where they might even get lost in the romantic world.

Under Starry Sky 


    Speaking of creating a sweet and comfortable atmosphere, could it be more romantic to own a starry night yourself? Firstly, go get the ceiling painted in night blue. Then here comes the key point: Use fluorescent pigment, safe and non-toxic of course, to paint a moon, some stars, or a few planets, so that you could fall asleep with the Milky Way. Fluorescent stickers work the same if you don’t have time or enough faith to do it yourself.

Hang Boho Canopy


    If you want to make your master suite to be an ultimate serene harbor where you can escape from all the trials and chaos of life, a flowing soft canopy is the fastest way to get you there. They are both glamorous and bohemian, and some of them will come with delicate embroiders. The voile floating in the air is just like a lullaby for your eyes and can create a relaxing vibe to help you fall asleep more easily.

Enjoy With Macrame


     Macrame is making a big comeback these days, and we should never miss it! There are various ways to incorporate it into your bedroom decor. You can mount a large macrame wall right over your bed or hang a few warm color tassels from the ceiling, how incredibly romantic is that? Things work the same way for elements like bead curtains and a Dreamcatcher. The sound of beads hitting each other produces a dulcet lullaby for a night of better sleep. Meanwhile, a good dream will be assured with the belief that the Dreamcatcher will dispel nightmares and only bring back good ones. That’s why you must not let these go if you are a real boho lover.

Glow With String Lights

 blog- string lights

    Another budget-friendly, easy-to-install, and absolutely delightful and romantic item would be string lights. Together with the warm glow that they shed, they are indeed a popular way to dress up a wall, especially a bedroom wall. What’s more, another type called copper wire lights could work as a great companion for a group of photos if you’ve got some Polaroids that you would like to hang on the wall. You could also choose another option to let the strings hang neatly beyond your ceiling to create a light curtain.

Invest in An Interest Corner

    On the other hand, even though the bedroom works mostly as a place for people to relax and sleep, there’s nothing that can stop a bedroom from getting interesting as well. Who says that a bedroom couldn’t be relaxing and funny at the same time? Here are some clues.

Mount A Klotski


    Are you a passionate advocate of puzzle games? If so, won’t it be best to mount it above your bed as a headboard, therefore you could just lie under your favorite puzzle, and enjoy playing it freely till the last moment before bedtime and then fall asleep with satisfaction?

Shuffle Your Tchotchkes

    Do you own a display wall or a wall shelf in your bedroom? Does it start to bore you because there hasn’t been anything new added to your collection display? Sometimes, slightly rearranging a room's furniture and decor, or changing the way of placing picture frames and collections, can add new life to boring corners. For example, if you are a skateboard lover, start by hanging up your boards on the wall instead of leaning them beside the wall. And if you are a big fan of photography, instead of placing them neatly on the desk or shelves, try to hang up some of your photos decorated with simple picture frames which won’t overshadow the artworks themselves. Therefore, never be afraid of shaking things up.


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