Awesome Ideas For DIY Picture Frames

    Are you bored with ordinary picture frames that you can purchase from any local gift store? If you also long for expressing your personal features by home ornaments. How about taking a shot for DIY unique picture frames following the tips and ideas below?

Go with Easy Transformation

Turn Mirrors Into Photo Frames

    Having seen lots of standard picture frames enough, you must be bored and expect to come across some interesting ones. Round picture frames seem unusual and are pretty hard to come by nowadays, that’s where we can improvise and make interesting twists. Go get some mirrors, and get the glass out to make them into circular picture frames. Then glue some belts around the edges so you can hang them. It’s simple, fun, and cheap, most importantly, it’s extraordinary and even gets the feeling of the Victorian style.

Use Vintage Books As Frames

blog- vintage book cover

    Well-read books are hard to part with. Now for those crafters who don’t mind putting a square-shaped hole into the cover of an old book and making it a picture frame, this can be a perfect DIY project for you and also a great way to repurpose books you won’t be reading anymore but also don’t want to bid adieu. What’s even better, these photo frames can even stand on their own, which is a nice added feature. In addition, making a few of these could exactly help to spice up your side table or library corner.

Beachy Bottle Photo Frame


    Have old bottles of milk or beers that have nowhere to go? Transform them into unique photo frames following these instructions. You can use twine to decorate the bottleneck and place some sand, shells or small stones in the bottom to give it a beachy vibe. And for someone not interested in this style, you can easily transform the bottles to look steampunk or vintage, it’s all depending on the décor you choose to put in the bottle.

Play with Wood

Burn Designs Into A Wooden Frame

    If you like the outlook of a wood frame, the rustic feeling, or the warmth that they bring to the decor, then perhaps you could consider having some fun with a wood burner. Just take a plain and simple wood frame and a wood-burning tool set on high and start drawing lines and other designs on it. You can pretty much create any pattern you want. The real fun is that it doesn’t have to be a symmetrical or repetitive design and you can be as creative as you want and have a great time during DIY.

Easy Cracked Wood Picture Frame


    Actually, it’s not as difficult as it may seem to get yourself a cracked wooden picture frame. It all starts with a simple wooden picture frame. First, you need to apply some stain, which will be the color of the cracks. Let it dry and then apply white school glue on the frame,  once it starts to dry, add a coat of paint on top of the glue. As the paint dries it will start to crack, a few hours later you’ll get a perfect photo frame with a vintage-rustic look.

Twine Frames with Sticks


    For those who favor rustic style but are afraid of the complex manufacturing processes mentioned, here’s an effortless way: Pick up some straight (or straight-ish) sticks from woods and a few twines,  then coax them into a rectangular or an elliptical shape with the help of a handsaw and small nails. Then you will get a photo frame that perfectly combines all the classic elements of the rustic style: handmade, wooden and twined. With a well-chosen print, it could definitely create a cozy and warm feeling in your place.

Repurpose Cast-offs

    Are you bad at throwing away old things? The project below could be your savior. Sometimes, just a simple change could renew your cast-off things, and then you could keep them around for a while again.

Frame with Your Collection

    Maybe it’s just a whim, or a formed habit to collect, some of us never outgrow bringing together corks after finishing a bottle of wine, or other little items like bear caps, buttons and even stones on the roadside, it can be a joyful trip to collect them, but then what do you do with them? Check this out.

blog-wine corks

    For wine enthusiasts and those who desire novelty, making a wine cork picture frame is incredibly easy and also a great way to show their unique personalities. Just cut the corks in half and put them together on a backboard to create some depth in the photo frame. Look through your pictures or prints, and when you decide what you would like to display, mat it on cardboard and glue the corks around the board. The same thing goes if you are a professional collector of items like buttons, caps, shells, stones, and even CDs. With this project, you can add any personality to your place with just a single picture frame, with the help of all your small collections.

Roll the Papers


    Transform a stack of old magazines or newspapers into a colorful DIY picture frame that tells a whole new story. It simply requires cardboard, old newspapers, and some glue. Basically, it’s a matter of rolling magazine or newspaper pages into reeds, and then affixing them to the front of any cardboard. You can make the reeds into any design, from monochrome to colorful, from straight to swirl, there’s no limit to creativity!

Blend Things Up

    Sometimes, a mix of two irrelevant things could produce an unexpected effect and create random styles of vibe, rustic, modern or vintage.

Clock & Picture Frame


    Memory and time, these two words always go with each other. We often use picture frames to frame our memories, meanwhile, use clocks to represent passed time. But have you ever considered combining them together to remind yourself of the passing time, or just make it a creative wall decor? For instance, you could simply use an empty picture frame to frame a clock to express the wish to hold on to time. Or you can also select a few picture frames to form a circle on the wall first, and then put the pointers in the center, thus making the entire wall into a huge motionless clock. Thus, you would have a featured wall full of memories, which also functions as a caution to remind everyone of cherishing time spent with beloved ones. Wouldn't it be perfect?

Photo Frames on Ladder


    Do you want to jazz up your room a little through small changes, especially for the dead corners that have been ignored for a long time? A simply designed ladder might be a wonderful idea to liven up a dark corner with its movability and rustic aesthetic value. However,  the gaps between every rung seem empty and boring, that’s where the photo frame plays its role. The only thing you need to do is selected some photos that you want to display, then get them framed simply. Use some hemp ropes to string them together with the ladder, and adds some ornaments like dried flowers beside them to make the combo more harmonious. Eventually, you will get a mobile photo frame ladder that you can lean to any corner of your room, which would definitely bring a cozy and rustic feeling to your home.

    Every house has its personality and definition. Everything in the home contributes to this personality and meaning, and there's no exception for DIY picture frames, is it?

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